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Sunday, 04. September 2022, 11:30am, White Press | Domus Ideas, Komödienstraße 56 - 58, 50667 Cologne, Germany

Onaka Koji hosted miso soup and a book presentation with exhibition at White-Press in Cologne in December 2019. This was our last event before the subsequent pandemic. After now three years with severely limited travel opportunities, we pick up right here again and continue where we were interrupted.


    Of the animals of the north, only the reindeer knew where the journey was to go. It willingly gave the child information and told where his beloved companion had been kidnapped. There was ice and snow all the time, the animal creature emphasized. There it is wonderful and beautiful and one jumps freely around in the large shining valleys. And just there the Snow Queen had her summer tent. "But her castle," the reindeer added, "is up towards the North Pole, on the island called Spitsbergen!

    Hans Christian Andersen


    I hope that through time my selected photographs once forgotten in time will reach as far as possible, as I deem that they are photographs of drifting times as a ship that drifts FARAWAY in the flow of time.

    Koji Onaka

  • CONCORDIA - 10 Years After...

    ...comes across formally like a brochure or a travel magazine. In this lightness we create a "reader" or supplementary volume to the opulent illustrated book. The adventure report, the graphics, the timeline, the psy-chedelic collage and last but not least the reprint of the text by Prof. Dr. Christoph Schaden from 2015 complement the many previously unpublished and re-published photographs. These are intended to shed more "light" on the interior of the wreck than those of the gloomy and mysterious previous book. Both books demonstrate the author's respectful and courageous approach to his subject and are dedicated to the 32 victims and more than 4,000 survivors of the tragedy.

    Helge Schlaghecke

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