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Faraway Boat Koji Onaka

Faraway Boat Koji Onaka

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Faraway Boat
Koji Onaka
KAIDO Books, White-Press, Tokyo, Japan, 2019

With Faraway Boat Koji Onaka closes his Boat-triology after Slow Boat and Twin Boat. All black and white images were taken in Japan. They depict an allegory of the art of traveling - very close in the far distance.

80 pages
260 x 230 mm
74 duplex images, b/w
635 g

Binding: Hardcover, thread stitching
Content: Offset, Duotone, printed and bound in Japan
Text: Koji Onaka, Luigi Clavereau
Design: Koji Onaka
Language: English, Japanese
Edition, 700 copies worldwide,
signed and calligraphed by Koji Onaka!

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